Pamela Gilmour LAc has been practicing energetic bodywork since 2010 in San Francisco.

Since 2007, Pamela has called San Francisco her home. She began practicing Shiatsu in 2010 as a pupil of BJ Green. In 2013, she completed a clinical acupuncture certificate through the Zhejiang Chinese Medical University in Hangzhou, China. She graduated from American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM) in 2014. Pamela has worked in a variety of settings including the ACTCM Community Clinic, the ACTCM Auricular Clinic, the CPMC Davies Campus, the Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic, and the San Quentin T.R.U.S.T. Annual Health Fair.


reviews . . .

"I was introduced to Pam by way of Circle Community Acupuncture and couldn't be more pleased with this happy accident. Pam has a gentle but firm touch and exudes serenity with a sense of humor thrown in for good measure. I've suffered from chronic lower back pain and after two visits with her I am feeling the benefits of her holistic gifts." -S.F.

"I have had ongoing aches and general aging body woes. Work inflicted injuries have become problematic, and Pam has soothed away all the bad things. Her massage style is both relaxing and efficacious. She also introduced me to acupuncture, which has proven to remedy my baker's wrist. I really appreciate the fact that she explains what she does in a clear, practical way, as I personally find mysticism off-putting. I vehemently encourage all my friends to make appointments with Pam" -N.Y.
"Recently, I started going for Shiatsu massages with Pamela Gilmour - incredible! She is a very talented body/energy worker. Being newer to Shiatsu I wasn't sure how I would feel about it, but I love how it feels! Pamela is very intentional with the spots she addresses and it doesn't feel pokey but just incredibly relaxing. The pain I have been having is abdominal, and having Pamela address the pain directly with her hands and her inducing incredible relaxation all over has been immensely helpful as I struggle with this very bad flare." - Yelp Review for Circle Community Acupuncture by S.C.
"This was my first time receiving acupuncture treatment ever, followed by a massage. The environment and Pamela's presence both made my introduction both meaningful and deeply moving, yet still managed to maintain a relaxed and professional vibe. I loved my experience and have since had some physical and emotional lightening, which I credit this treatment. " -Jonathan
"I came to Pamela a delicate client in pain. She has restored me with her practice. Every visit she reassesses me and adapts the treatment accordingly. Pamela communicates well and made me feel at ease and gained my trust so her treatment could be the best tailored for my needs. After every visit I see improvement." -U.M.
"I came to Pam for much needed help on my knee. I had ACL and meniscus surgery eight years ago and recently re-injured it while running for a bus (I know, I know).. anyways after the first visit I was able to actually walk without the cramping or tightness in my leg. I continued to take it slow for another week and followed up w/ another session w/ Pam. Emotionally, I was very relieved b/c prior to that first session I was convinced that I would need surgery.. now my outlook is much more positive" -Kappy
"... I just came from an amazing session with Pamela. She came highly recommended by a friend, and didn't disappoint! I have chronic tension in my upper back and shoulders from being a student, as well as lower back pain. She took the time to listen and work on the areas which I requested plus much more. Thank you Pamela, I will definitely be back! " -Karinn C.